OB/GYN Services

Comprehensive Doula Services

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Our experienced doulas are available now to support your family through your pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. They are available for in and out of hospital births.

Birthing with our doulas includes:

● One in home visit with the doula before labor begins
● Two in home birthing classes with the doula and a CNM
● Continuous doula support during labor and birth
● One postpartum visit from doula

*We are able to individualize doula care to your meet your family’s needs

We will work with clients to maximize preconception health, determine the most appropriate prenatal appointment schedule, find support with other expecting families and provide education and skills to enhance the experience of an unmedicated labor and birth.

Studies have shown that out of hospital birth is a safe option for low risk women. Both the American College of Nurse Midwives and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists support birth centers as safe locations to labor and give birth in. The World Health Organization’s position is that women should give birth wherever they feel safe.

Certified Nurse Midwives are trained in differentiating the normal from the abnormal. If there is any indication that a woman’s labor is progressing abnormally, a smooth transition will be made to a higher level of care at Evergreen Hospital, located just across the street from the center.

Certified Nurse Midwife Owned & Operated

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● Free one hour in-home consultation
○ Learn about our services
○ See if you are a fit for our practice
● In home services include:
○ Preconception assessment and counseling
○ Routine prenatal care
○ CNM-attended labor and birth care
○ Postpartum and newborn care

● Birth and wellness center services beginning Fall 2018:
○ All pregnancy-related services
○ Childbirth preparation courses
○ Routing GYN care (Pap tests, breast exams)
○ Birth Control (including IUDs)
○ Primary Care visits and recommended screenings
○ Community education

Women’s Health Care

An annual exam is a great time to discuss reproductive plans, goals for healthy living and check in on mental health needs. We can prescribe birth control, perform needed testing, make evidence-based recommendations and provide resources to outside specialists.

As long as results are normal, women need Pap tests every 3 years in their 20s and every 5 years in their 30s.

Pills, patches, rings, implants, IUDs and evidence-based advice for natural family planning -- the CNMs at Empowered Pregnancy are experts in helping you decide when the best time to grow your family is.

Nutrition Counseling

Now accepting clients

Our expert nutritionist will come to your home with a CNM to evaluate your needs and provide counseling to optimize your health pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and postpartum.

We tailor recommendations for:

● 3-4 months prior to planning a pregnancy
● The first 20 weeks of pregnancy
● The last 20 weeks of pregnancy
● Gestational diabetes diet assessment and counseling
● Postpartum physical and mental health
● Diet counseling to support breastfeeding


Part of receiving prenatal care at Empowered Pregnancy will be completed our childbirth education course. This will be a requirement for anyone who has not experienced an unmedicated birth. We want to arm the family with the tools they will need to be successful during what will be the most challenging and rewarding time of their lives.

We believe in supporting breastfeeding as desired by the family and will make the services of a IBLCE certified consultant available to women during final weeks of pregnancy, immediately postpartum and again at the 2 week postpartum visit.

Empowered Pregnancy will host on-going community education for pregnant and nonpregnant women alike. Topics will rotate, be informed by the desires of the community and cover topics ranging from sexual satisfaction to essential oil use to commonly misunderstood infections like BV and Yeast. These will take place on a monthly basis and expand as dictated by the community.