Certified Nurse-Midwifery Care

Midwife Services

Empowered Pregnancy works with familes to maximize preconception health, determine the most appropriate prenatal appointment schedule, find support with other expecting families and provide education and skills taught by Certified Nurse Midwives to enhance the experience of an unmedicated labor and birth. 

Give birth in one of our beautifully designed and Certified Nurse Midwife run birthing suites here at Empowered Pregnancy. If you are a healthy woman having a normal pregnanc and desiring a natural birth, then midwifery care at Empowered Pregnancy may be the most appropriate chioce for you. Research shows that being taken care of by a midwife and giving birth outside of a hospital makes it less likely you'll have a cesarean section, be less likely to have an induction or episiotomy, and have a higher likelyhood of breastfeeding successfully.

For normal healthy low-risk pregnancies giving girth outside of a hospital has been shown to be as safe as having a baby in a hospital while providing a more pleasurable birth experience.

Certified Nurse Midwives are trained in differentiating the normal from the abnormal and are able to tell if there is any indication that a woman’s labor is progressing abnormally, a smooth transition will be made to a higher level of care.

Postpartum care and support: We offer both in home or in clinic assessment for both mother and infant between 24 and 48 hours. For those parents desiring circumcision for their son this appoint must take place in our clinic.We also assess both mother and baby in our clinic at 2, 4, and 6 weeks. During these assessments we will be monitoring: breastfeeding, bonding, family adaptation, and postpartum depression along with other concerns that a new mother may have.

Newborn care for the first 28 days of life:  Families can opt to have their care of their healthy infant done by their delivering midwife.  The midwife will provide growth and developmental assessments, newborn screenings along with family support. Circumcision is available, on site, between 24 hours and 7 days for those families that choose this procedure.

Empowered Pregnancy offers group prenatal care for mothers who desire a community approach to pregnancy.  Group prenatal care is a combination of routine health assessment of Mother and Baby along with group discussions that are facilitated by one of our midwives. Discussion topics ranging from pregnancy, diet and exercise, what to expect as a new parent, labor, breastfeeding and more. Group prenatal care is perfect for mothers who have busy schedules and want to have a predictable appointment day and time throughout their pregnancy.

Doula Services

Once a month Empowered Pregnancy hosts a doula tea that is open to the whole community. This is an ideal time for expectant parents to discover what services our doula program offers and to determine if our doula team is a right fit for you.

A doula is a professionally trained and licensed birth attendant who performs a unique and vital role during the birthing process. A doulas whole focus is on providing mental and physical support to a laboring woman. The doula advocate for the mother and her birth plan and helps the mother adapt to changes to her birth plan if necessary.
Empowered Pregnancy offers certified doula care to our mothers and women in the surrounding community. Our doulas can offer support in the birth center, at a  home births, or in a hospital setting.  They are trained to support and encourage women is the birth setting of her choice.
Empowered Pregnancy offers postpartum doula services.
Postpartum Doulas are trained professionals that provide physical, emotional, and spiritual, support and guidance to a new mother and the rest of the family.
We offer several different postpartum doula packages. Please call for more information to see if this is a service we can provide for you.

Women’s Wellness Services

When you have a Certified Nurse Midwife you have a Midwife for Life. Certified Nurse-Midwives are trained in the assessment, treatment, and proper referral for all a woman’s health care needs starting at puberty and continuing throughout her life. Your midwife will take the time to listen to your concerns and needs before developing a health care plan with you. As a team, you and your midwife, will come up with a plan to increase your level of current health and decrease your future health risk.

CertSchedule a yearly visit with your midwife to assess your overall health, recommend any test that needs to be done, discuss any concerns that you may have, and review your desire for contraception. The midwife will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns along with thoroughly reviewing all components of your overall health. As a team, you and your midwife, will come up with a plan to increase your level of current health and decrease your future health risk.


Developing realistic sustainable eating habits during your pregnancy is important to the health of you and your new baby. Certified Nurse-Midwives are trained to assess your overall nutritional health and are here to help you create strong healthy habits that will benefit you for a lifetime. These healthy habits can help you lose weight, decrease your risk of diabetes, reduce your chances of heart disease, and help minimalism your risk of getting certain types of cancer. Plus, making healthy nutritional choices leads towards feeling better overall! 

CCertified Nurse-Midwives offer supportive, nonjudgmental assessment of your mental health. Even though we only treat depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the postpartum period we can make the proper referral to a health care provider that would be the best fit for you. In addition, Empowered Pregnancy offers complimentary support groups women with postpartum depression to help you build your community of support and connect with mothers from all backgrounds experiencing the same things as you are.


Certified Nurse-Midwives specialize in the education of all forms of birth control and can prescribe or administer all non-surgical forms of contraception.  Your midwife will take the time to listen to your needs, evaluate your lifestyle and health risk and then help you decide what birth control method best fits your life.

We offer birth control for:

Young women, just entering puberty to control pain and heavy bleeding

Women to take control of the frequency of their periods

The treatment of heavy menses or unpredictable bleeding


And all other contraception needs.

Certified Nurse-Midwives can screen and treat women, along with their partners, for all types of sexually transmitted infections (STI). Along with treatment for STI’s, we offer counseling on how to decrease your risk of contracting another infection. Be aware that certain STI’s must be reported to the state health department.

Education Series

Our Out of Hospital Child Birth classes are a six-week course program geared towards setting you up for success in your delivery out of the hospital. Each two-hour class focuses on how to successfully and safely give birth to your baby in a free-standing birth center or at home. Our child birth education classes are geared towards those women and their support person who want this very personal and unique experience. We focus on being prepared for unmedicated birth and pain-management strategies for labor, what normal breastfeeding in the immediate postpartum period looks like and what things you need to have in place when you go home just a short time after delivery. We will discuss what signs you need to look for in mom and baby that would require intervention by a health care provider. 

Take a step towards infant nutritional preparedness in this two-hour class breaking down breastfeeding basics. Learn how your body prepares to nourish your new baby as well as helpful tips and tricks from your Certified Nurse Midwife on latching, lactating and loving breastfeeding! Whether you are a first time mom or just looking for a refresher this class has a little bit for every mom preparing to embark upon their breastfeeding journey.

In Postpartum 101 we take a realistic look at what the first six weeks home with a new infant actually looks like. The realities of breast feeding, babies sleep and weight patterns,  and how to survive the unavoidable sleepless nights ahead. We will begin breaking down stereotypes and bridging the gap between the preconceived ideals of what parenthood is like and the reality of raising an infant.

Nutrition 101 is a two hour class focused on overall nutrition from preconception through the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. We will discuss what a BMI is and how important it can be during pregnancy. We will go over how much you should be eating as well as what is considered normal weight gain during the first half of pregnancy. We will discuss healthy eating habits, safe exercise routines and the vitamins that are necessary and safe to take during your pregnancy, and so much more.

Nutrition 202 picks up right where Nutrition 101 left off. We will review nutrition during the second half of your pregnancy and learn how your body process food while supporting and preparing to feed baby. We will talk about gestational diabetes and why you should you be tested. In addition we will discus how and when it is safe to exercise, what is a healthy weekly weight gain, diet during breastfeeding, and much more.

This is a class just for the primary support person. We will go over the roll of the importance of a support person, how to interoperate cues both verbal and nonverbal during labor. In this class we will also learn support methods for mom during and after labor.