ACNM, ACOG and the WHO all endorse CNM staffed birth centers as safe places for low risk pregnant women to labor and birth. There are a few high risk conditions that would necessitate transfer to a more appropriate level of care, the majority of which are identified prior to the onset of labor.

These include:

  • Multiple gestations
  • Breech presentation
  • Gestational Diabetes or Hypertension
  • Placenta previa
  • Onset of labor <37 weeks or >42 weeks

During labor, maternal and fetal monitoring will be performed in compliance with evidence-based guidelines and if intrapartum transfer is necessary, it will take place in accordance with our defined policy, whereby we accompany the family to Evergreen Hospital, located across the street from the birth center.

Physiologic birth is the support of labor and birth as a normal process that requires little intervention. Our trained doulas will provide labor support to the birthing family and act as advocates for their birth desires. Our certified nurse midwives act as guardians of the birth space within the context of safety. We will make every effort to honor the wishes of the laboring woman while ensuring that both she and her baby are safe. We believe labor and birth are to be supported, not managed.