Your Support Team

Here at Empowered Pregnancy we practiced personalized family-centered care. We believe in helping women make informed decisions about their health and maternal needs and empowering them to make the choices they can be proud of in their healthcare journey. Our primary focus is on giving gentle nurturing care that is respectful and inclusive of all women. Your midwife will give you individualized care guided by evidence-based practices that have been tested and proven successful. We believe in facilitating natural childbirth whenever possible and take the time to carefully monitor the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of both mother and infant. 

Let us support you in making the best choices for you and your baby during labor and postpartum.

The Midwives

Kimberly Johansen


Kim has been a midwife for nearly 15 years and before that she worked as an L&D nurse and in the NICU. Her two decades of experience have uniquely prepared her to care for women and babies in the out of hospital setting. She is passionate about education as a means to optimize the health of women and their communities.

Roxanne Spring


“Midwifery is a sacred calling in my life and I absolutely love working at the portal. I treasure connecting with each babe in the womb as well as the one with life growing within her. Indeed, the whole family which supports these two are important to me. I believe in care that is evidence based and in alignment with one’s heart.”

-Roxanne Spring

Roxanne has a great passion for natural birth, breastfeeding, bonding, nutrition & families which has led her directly to becoming a birth professional who believes birth is sacred and needs to be honored as such. She herself is a mother of six and a grandmother to 7 and has been married to her husband for over 40 years.

She has worked in practices at Evergreen hospital, Group Health central and Overlake before stepping out to be a community-based midwife in 2011.

The Midwives